Sunday, January 15, 2017

Development version 11.00.06: stability control in game analysis

When analyzing a game, a tab has been added that is the Stability control.
After finishing the analysis of a position with the parameters of time and depth indicated, it continues to analyze until in the last depths the calculated move is the same and the difference in the evaluation does not exceed the number of centipawns indicated.
This option can add a lot of time to the analysis of certain moves. Perhaps some option must be added to control this.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Development version 11.00.05a

This is the development version that I'm working now.
Do not have many changes in relation to the version 10.
These changes are mainly internal.

The default tutor engine is changed from DeepFish to McBrain, both are Stockfish derivatives.

Update 11.00.5a : changed the compilation, this is more compatible.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Version 10.10.3: save positions to FNS/PGN

New update:

Bugs fixed:
  • Turn on the lights: don´t save to pgn (Alfonso L)
  • Albums, Adjourn doesn´t work (Rianer U)
  •  Lucas-Elo in Russian( and others), first engines don´t work (dtz)
  • Training positions, an engine is open and not closed each position (dtz)
  • External engines, better handle for UCI "type string" (fixed by tico-tico in
  • Windows EXE, added "check for updates at startup" option in Configuration/General. (alexxelaart)
  • New option in Configuration/Boards to hide/show cursor when engine is thinking.(GB)
  • New Tool: Save positions to FNS/PGN (Remes+peonpasado)

    Version 10.10.1:

    • Bug fixed, new databases do not work (Serg Iv).
    Version 10.10.2-3:
    • Kibitzer candidates, copy to clipboard the selected line (Cliff Sears)
    • Tools/PGN Viewer/Read a PGN: fixes problem filtering numeric fields (fixed by fonkap)
    • Fixes small bugs related to analysis (fixed by fonkap)
    • Sounds played now with an internal routine, and not with an external proccess.

    To update:

      Saturday, December 3, 2016

      Version 10.09: some bugs fixed

      Bugs fixed:

      • Mat in 1/2 freezes (alexxelaart+RU)
      • Analysis, adding variants, bad num move.
      • Kibitzers with non english symbols. (massivfat)
      • Database, edit, paste, read PGN (Tobi)
      • Information links, don´t works in Linux (Coyote112358)


      • Information panel in a game, added splitter to accomodate sizes between variants and comments

      • Engines:
        • Updated Rodent II (Pawel Koziol) to 0.9.64
        • Updated Stockfish to version 8 in Linux engines.
      • Updated translations: Greek(Nick Delta), Vietnamese(Toan Luong), French(Max Aloyau)

      Saturday, November 19, 2016

      Version 10.08: some aesthetic changes

       1. Main toolbar can be configured, 

      there are four options:
      The text appears under the icon (default)

      The text appears beside the icon

      Only display texts

      Only display icons

      2. Non distract mode [ALT-N], when playing, only the board is visible (johan)

      3. Keys actives in each moment can be consulted pressing ALT-K

      4. Competition and Elo-Rating are now in the "Play" menu.

      To update:

      Sunday, November 13, 2016

      Version 10.07: stockfish 8

      • Updated stockfish to version 8.
      • Play like a GM, new option in its configuration window: "Show all evals"
      • Training openings against a book, added traceback and help options (remes)
      • Chess your Memory in a chessboard, Beginner don´t works (nick delta) - version updated to 10.07.1
      • Removed bad analysis messages from stockfish 8 (vga) - version updated to 10.07.2
      • Playing against low rated engines, added take back again (HB) - version updated to 10.07.2
      To update:

      Wednesday, October 26, 2016

      Version 10.06: more bugs fixed


      • Bug in engines processing is some PCs (thanks to Phillip Watts).
      • Tactics by UNED chess school, Pin missing (thanks to bolokay).
      Updated Italian translation (thanks to Michele and Maurizio).